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10% of Sales through March 2015 to be donated to TMMC

I’m going to step it up a notch and also donate 10% from any sales from my Etsy shop until the end of March 2015. I’ve just added some new original paintings listings with more to follow. Plus you receive a 10% discount coupon for your next purchase. Time for me to get painting so I have something you want!


Wave After Wave (c)2015 Aprille Lipton

Wave After Wave (c)2015 Aprille Lipton


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California marine life in trouble — Quick auction for donation!

Our marine wildlife is in crisis here in California. The rescue centers are full, volunteers are exhausted and giving their all. And more animals need help everyday. I want to donate the full proceeds from the following two mini paintings to our local chapter of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to help at least a little. Would you help?

You can read more on the issue here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/19/us-usa-wildlife-california-idUSKBN0LN01620150219

Simply bid on which painting you would like to buy from the links below… They are each 5″x7″ acrylic originals on canvas. Highest bidder wins and I will donate your entire payment and send you the painting. It may even be partially tax deductible (check with your accountant). Thank you.


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Charging into the new year!

This month has been a whirlwind so far! I put my foot down and told myself this is the year I’m going to really market my art and man, has this shit kept me busy!

Since the first of the year: Painted almost a dozen paintings; applied to be selected to attend my first show (jury selection – yuck – and still awaiting an answer) in May; submitted three paintings for display/sale at a local show (accepted – yay!); sold an original on Etsy (yay!) with a possibility for custom commissions; had a separate custom commission request which I’m currently working; overhauled my Etsy shop (again); and almost completed filling another sketchbook (which I just started in November).

I also began keeping a spreadsheet with a list of my paintings so I can remember sizes, mediums, what originals have been sold and when I painted them. It’s really been a big help, but it’s also a bitch-kitty to keep up to date.

And lastly, I’m involved with two community projects — one is for a public street (pavement) mural project and the other is with my local art association – volunteering to help get them current with their website and social media.

If I keep up this pace, I am really going to earn my vacation this year.

Happy creativity to you all!

Ravens with Hearts. © 2015 Aprille Lipton. Original watercolor painting on paper.

Ravens with Hearts. © 2015 Aprille Lipton. Original watercolor painting on paper.

Dove with Flowered Crown. © 2014 Aprille Lipton. Original watercolor painting on paper.

Dove with Flowered Crown. © 2014 Aprille Lipton. Original watercolor painting on paper.


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I love your art but I have no room…

One thing I hear a lot as a visual artist is that people have “no more room” for art on their walls. While for some, this is a polite way to avoid buying (which is perfectly acceptable), for those of you (like me) who really are limited on wall space — think about changing your art/photo displays to a Gallery Wall style.

I’ve done it in my teeny tiny house and LOVE it. It really has a big impact and there’s almost no right or wrong way to do it. Here’s a search on Pinterest for examples, ideas and tips.

Buy the art you love!


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