About me…

That's me - Aprille Lipton

That’s me – Aprille Lipton

Who am I? Just a normal, middle-aged woman who’s been painting and drawing as long as I can remember and simply can’t live without creating. I am drawn to – no, OBSESSED – with nature… especially to those animals that soar and dive and go where I cannot.

I finally figured out in my 40’s that there is no wrong way to make art. Almost immediately after that revelation, I started feeling that my works until that point, while good, were just “painted photos.” It led me to a recent “search for self” in my artistic style. And thankfully, I found that missing piece of myself!

I’m a very visual personality, drawn to symbolism and patterns. I want my art to convey the stronger emotions in life… romance and love, mystery and a little darkness, or quirky and fun. My somewhat amorphous creatures help me portray the shifting nature of life. I find myself doing smaller works due to the intimacy I can achieve with the you, the viewer – pulling you in for a closer look. While I started mainly with watercolors, I’m finding acrylics to be my current media because of all the textures I can play with. I’ve been painting since grade school and have taken many fine art and graphic design classes over the years. I’ve done formal graphic design in the form of brochures, ads, sales one-sheets, catalogs and posters. I’ve also done many commissioned paintings in both watercolor and acrylic.

I live near the ocean in Morro Bay, CA with my husband and son and am surrounded by such beauty on a daily basis, that it almost makes me cry.

You can also find me on Facebook:

Check in prints for sale at: http://aprille-lipton.artistwebsites.com/ — or drop me a note if you’d like something more custom (Don’t be put off thinking something custom = more expensive. I love what I do and will give you a very fair price).

All photographs and artworks on this website are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Aprille Lipton. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved.

3 responses to “About me…

  1. Your work is so beautiful and unique. I love your philosophy about nature. I definitely agree. We’re both in our 40’s. I’m coming late to art, but am totally obsessed/addicted to creating now. This thing won’t let me go since last September, so I figure it’s here to stay. Glad to have found you on WP!

  2. So glad to hear you are creating! It’s a wonderful thing and so therapeutic. I love your portraits.

  3. cocoaupnorth

    Beautiful artwork! I’m drawn to your blog and art because I love nature too. All the best with your upcoming gallery opening.

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