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Morro the pelican

I was lucky enough to receive a behind the scenes tour of both our local Marine Mammal Center and Pacific Wildlife Care facilities a few weeks ago to see first-hand all the work that our volunteers do to help the local wildlife. Did you know it can cost upwards of $1200 to rehabilitate a pelican? As mentioned previously, we are seeing a malnourished sea lion pup tsunami here in California due to warm waters.

Anyway, I also met a woman who, in addition to having volunteered for more than 15 years at the MMC, also runs a bird rescue and education operation from her home. I was invited to visit and meet one of her permanent family members, Morro the pelican. He was still sporting some of his beautiful breeding plumage. So, I took lots of photos while avoiding his girlfriend the goose, who was frantically trying to nip my bare legs and toes.

Inspired, here is my 16×20″ acrylic painting of Morro in all his glory.

Morro - Pelican. © 2015 Aprille Lipton. Original 16x20" acrylic painting on canvas.

Morro – Pelican. © 2015 Aprille Lipton. Original 16×20″ acrylic painting on canvas.


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Blank paper/canvas syndrome

I know pretty much every artist has faced this affliction at one time or another. Staring at that blank piece of paper or canvas and wondering where in the hell to start.

I found this meme that I keep on my inspiration board. It has helped me SO much. I now buy watercolor paper and sketchbooks on sale and use them to play and experiment. I am gradually encountering the blank canvas phenomenon less and less.

I hope it helps you.

paper dude

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